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About Us

My Discontinued bra is a culmination of a bra store and a service to distraught bra wearing women everywhere. After spending many years in the retail lingerie business, helping women get that perfect fit, Sandy came to a conclusion. Every good Bra was in danger of being discontinued, and the women wearing those bras would be left feeling dejected and on a quest for pieces of their favorite bra.
So Sandy and our talented team began My Discontinued bra. You no longer need to depair when production stops on your bra. Our agents work with companies as they plan to discontinue their items, and salvage those bras for you. We work to put any popular discontinued style on our ecommerce site, to make them available to consumers like you. However, We know women well and know that sometimes there are bras that work for your form and figure but may not be the most popular style. That's where our agents come in. Contact us on our home page, to search for your favorite bra , and we'll send the team out looking. 
Lingerie is such an essential and personal part of a woman's wardrobe. Don't just kiss your favorites goodbye, as production ceases. Embrace your tried and true style here at My Discontinued Bra. 

Happy Bra Shopping,
My Discontinued Bra Crew